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Board   June 2015

President: James Smith

Vice President: Barb Hobbs   

Trustee: Jason Jahnsen

Trustee: Jim Green 

Trustee: John Malik  


  Please send dues to:

P.O Box 165

De Soto, Mo.63020

                              2015 Subdivision Letter

May 28, 2015


Hello all Big Woods Friends,


It has been another extremely busy year for the Big Woods POA board in our quest to continuously improve our roads.  To better facilitate our snow removal we purchased a new “old” plow truck.  The plow operator is able to move more snow in less time and the salt spreader doesn’t clog every ten minutes.  Several of the old worn out parts on our road grader have been swapped with new parts but is getting close to passing its life expectancy.  Numerous culverts have been installed throughout where needed which has really aided in the gravel not washing away in those spots.


At last year’s meeting several owners provided feedback that when they ventured down to our river access it seemed as though most of the individuals there were not Big Woods Property Owners.  A discussion began about installing a gate, similar to one that existed years ago, in an effort to keep non-property owners out.  One of our talented property owners constructed a gate capable of protecting Fort Knox.  It appears that the gate has been quite successful in solving the concerns of non-property owners using our access.  To assist in the success please close and relock the gate each time you go down to and then once again when you leave the river access.  Should you not already have a key to the gate and require one feel free to contact a board member to receive a copy.  To receive a key you must be up to date on your road dues.


Our POA meeting will be held on Saturday June 27th  11:00 AM at the mailboxes.  This year it is imperative that as many people come to our meeting whom are able to attend.  Ken Dry, our current President of several years, plans to step down from his position.  Please call or email me ahead of the meeting if you would have any interest in taking over the roll as President or serving as a board member.  I wanted to thank Ken for his years of service and especially for his hard work and dedication transforming our non-existent roads of the past into what they are today.


Should you owe outstanding road dues please mail them to the following address:


Big Woods POA

PO BOX 165

Desoto, MO 63020


Our Subdivision Website:



Looking forward to another year of great accomplishments,

Big Woods Property Owners Association

Big Woods wants your junk cars! We will tow them away for FREE! contact a board member for info.


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