Big Woods Community

This site is for the property owners of Big Woods Subdivision in De Soto, Missouri.

Preferred Vendors

This page is for Big Woods Property Owners to list vendors they have used, and/or

 are property owners themselves who have businesses.

 Please do your research on any company you use, Big Woods will not be held liable for any problems.

If you have a business, or you know of one, send it to us and we will list it here.


Malik Properties LLC---John Malik                               Classic Roofing and Exteriors LLC (Bob Bagby)

cell 314-348-2648                                                      cell- 314-368-0656                       


Lou's Mobile Home Moving, Inc(Lou Theiss. Sr.)        ABC Concrete (Bob Terry)

573-438-2260 or 314-277-5512cell                                    314-781-4880


Bobcat work(Alex Ferguson)                                  Foundation Work(Lee Watson)

314-603-4257                                                              636-586-5784


Patterson Well                                                     General Contracting(CJ Hahn)

314-602-9767                                                         636-399-3096


Title Partners(Sandy)                                              Septic/Sewer/plumbing(Chad Queen)

314-835-3682                                                              314-960-1699



Title Partners(Sandy, Susie, Carla)                             Living Art Images

"Your Partner in Title"                                 


1-866-915-2640                                                       Farm & Home Realty J.D Koch


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