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Dave Talbert
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Has everyone paid their association fee and is everyone that was behind caught up?  If not, what is the association doing about it.  If there are no consequences on not paying, then why should I continue to pay mine?  

I would like to see a list of the people who have not paid.  I would be willing to bet, they are the same people that drive to fast, spin their tires and tear up the roads that MY $200.00 goes toward.

And whoever drove up in my yard owes me for my time and material.  And I will not be responsible for flat tires in the future!!

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John Malik
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Hey Dave,

The majority of the property owners do pay their dues on a yearly basis. Unfortunately there are individuals who are late and/or do not pay. These individuals do accrue penalties and once behind two years are turned over to our attorney to file suit. I’m really sorry to hear that your yard was torn up. I did see the tire marks in your yard the day after several fire trucks were out on Lake Park due to a fire. Therefore I would assume that the fire department caused the damage to your yard when they were turning right at the mailboxes to attend to the fire. You may want to reach out to them to see if they would reimburse you for the damage. Have a great day.


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Who do I pay it to I don't do checks

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